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Our Services

Institutional Trust Services
We provide the following services as trustee for the following:-

  1. Asset-backed structures – securitizations, MTN programmes, Islamic bonds, Private Debt Securities, REITS, Unit Trusts

  2. Mergers, acquisitions, restructuring schemes

  3. Financial borrowings

  4. Real property ownership structures

  5. Capital project financings

By taking a long-term view of its clients and businesses, Pacific Trustees Berhad has acted as Trustee for many schemes and issuance's in the following areas:

  • Private Debt Securities (PDS)

  • Asset Backed Securitisation (ABS)

  • Interest Schemes

  • Unit Trust / Reits

  • Custodian

  • Will Writing Services / Estate Planning

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Our Roles As Corporate Trustees
  • Acting as Bond Trustee

  • Acting as Security Trustee

  • Acting as Transaction Administrator

  • Acting as Share Trustee

  • Acting as Trustee for Unit Trust Funds / Real Estate Investment Trusts swiftlets / Oil Palm Plantation Investment Scheme

  • Acting as Custodian

  • Acting as Trustee for Golf Clubs, Recreational Clubs and Timesharing Scheme

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Private Wealth Services

What is a private trust?
A private trust is a trust where the beneficiary (the person or entity which receives the equitable title in the property) is private and non-charitable. Thus, this is opposed to a charitable trust, which has charitable beneficiaries. The distinction between private trusts and charitable trusts, while obvious, is necessary because there are certain requirements and conditions which apply to one but not the other.

Private Trusteeship are set up for the maintenance, education and benefit of children and grandchildren. The main aim is to provide for the day-to-day needs of the beneficiaries and for the payment of their educational costs.

Trust Benefits :

  • Assets and monies are properly invested

  • The Trustee manages and administers the Trust Assets independently

  • Trust Fund monies are utilized for intended beneficiaries

  • The terms of distribution are decided by the Settler (owner)


Parents of young children and key providers should set up this Trust

A life assurance policy can be absolutely assigned to us and create an Insurance Trust instantly in favor of the spouse and/or children named as beneficiary in the policy. The policy money does not form part of the estate of the assured and consequently no Grant of Probate or Letter Administration is required in making claim when the assured dies. Furthermore, the money payable under such a policy is protected against creditors subject to Section 52 of the Bankruptcy Act.

Any one who has invested in an insurance policy and has dependents should set up this trust.

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Will Writing Services

Why Write A Will ?
The preparation of a Will ensures that your estate is distributed according to your wishes. Wills written may include appointing Pacific Trustees Berhad as an executor. The Will can make provisions for specific legacies and trust management for the estate.

The Benefits :

  • Ensures that distribution will be according to the testator’s

  • Avoids cumbersome administrative process and delays in distribution

  • Protects the dependents from unreliable or unscrupulous persons who may gain control of the estate

Will writing with “Pacific Will Plan”
(PWP) will ensure that we produce an ethical Will as we will provide you a road map to help you navigate the later stages of your life. At PWP, we will provide you advisory services in the context of continuity by providing a linkage from past to future generations.

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Corporate Services

Our List of Corporate Services

Through our affiliate company, we also provide the following services to Special Purpose Vehicles:-

  1. providing corporate directors

  2. providing a company secretary

  3. providing a registered office

  4. company administration of the SPV

  5. company incorporation of the SPV

  6. managerial services of the SPV

Company Formations

Through our affiliate company, we are also able to quickly and efficiently incorporate a new Special Purpose Vehicle in Malaysia.

Our affiliate companies offer this on a stand alone basis based on powerful electronic incorporation company secretarial software. Our affiliate company can also perform this incorporation even if they are not appointed to provide any other corporate services for the SPV, such as corporate administration.

If interested, please contact :
Puan Anisah at :
The costs, your requirements, the set-up of the SPV, and other deatails can be discussed. If we have your details for incorporation, the SPV shall be incorporated within the next business day.

Administration Services Provided

  1. Management of Sinking Fund and Trust Accounts

  2. Compliance and site visits

  3. Vetting security and trust documents drafted by your lawyers

  4. Reporting on your repayments for the security

  5. Providing for audited accounts of the Special Purpose Vehicles

  6. Holding AGMs convened by the bondholders

  7. Monitoring the compliance of borrowers within the terms of loan facilities

  8. Calculation and Paying Agent

  9. Processing of waivers and amendments to the Security and Trust Documents

Download “The role of a Trust Company” here.

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