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Interest Scheme

Interest Scheme is a way of doing business in Malaysia involving the pooling of financial contributions from the public in exchange for an interest in a particular scheme. Such interest includes the usage of the facilities and services provided under the scheme, profit or returns, depending on the nature of the scheme.


Pacific Trustees has a wealth of experience, skills and expertise in advising and managing interest schemes. Our professional team, which includes accountants, lawyers and economists, is equipped with extensive industry-related capabilities to provide strategic advice and operational assistance. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive, reliable, flexible and quality administration and operational support catering to the needs of each individual client.


Presently, Pacific Trustees is the appointed Trustee for various types of Interest Schemes, including Golf and Recreational Clubs, Timesharing and Investment Schemes as well as Memorial Parks, for the following clients:

Golf/Recreational Club

  • Templer Park Country Club,Selangor

  • Pulai Springs Resort & Country Club, Johor

  • Lumut International Yacht Club, Perak

  • Cinta Sayang Golf & Country Resort, Kedah

  • Royal Palm Springs Golf Club, Negeri Sembilan

  • Impian Golf & Country Club, Kajang

  • Pandan Lake Club, Kuala Lumpur

  • Green Acres Golf and Country Resort (Formerly Ibai Golf and Country Club), Terengganu

  • Kulim Golf and Country Resort, Kedah

  • Meru Valley Golf & Country Club, Perak

  • Bukit Kinding Resort, Perak

  • D’Club, Cheras

  • Cahaya SPK Resort Club, Shah Alam

  • Kelab Darul Ehsan, Ampang

  • Bukit Beruntung Golf & Country Resort, Selangor

  • Berjaya Hills Golf & Country Club, Pahang

  • Hornbill Golf & Jungle Club, Sarawak

  • Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Golf & Country Club, Shah Alam

Timeshare Hotels and Resorts

  •   Genting View Resort

  •   Leisure Holiday Point Base

  •   Leisure Holiday Club

  •   Vacation SuperClub (Tanco Resort Berhad)

  •   Vacation WorldClub (Tanco Resort Berhad)

  •   Duta Vista Ownership (Tanco Resort Berhad)

  •  Sunway Vacation International Club

  •  Legend Worldwide Holidays

Memorial Parks

  •   Fairy Park Sdn Bhd, Klang, Selangor

  •   Fairy Park Sdn Bhd, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

  •   Fairy Park Sdn Bhd, Pagoh, Johor

  •   Paradise Memorial Park Berhad, Ipoh, Perak

  •   Blissful Memorial Park Berhad, Penang

  •   Prestavest Memorial Park Sdn Bhd, Taiping, Perak

  •   Reliable Memorial Park, Kluang, Johor

  •   Eternal Memorial Park, Melaka.

Our Role and Responsibilities

The Promoters, including the Management Company, Operator or Developer, is required under Division 5 of Part IV of the Companies Act 1965 to appoint a Trustee to act for each Interest Scheme.

Pacific Trustees’ role and responsibilities include:

  1. Investigating complaints from interest holders and bringing to the attention of the Operator or Developer to be rectified

  2. Ensuring that the requisite trust administration and monitoring of compliance are carried out periodically

  3. Supporting the Management Company or Developer with providing visits to furnish valuable and independent feedback

  4. Making proposals or suggestions whenever the Trustee deems fit and appropriate

  5. Operating Trust and Sinking Fund Accounts

  6. Reporting breach and non-compliance to the Regulator

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