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(The Islamic Private Trust Division of Pacific Trustees Berhad)

  • Pacific WasiatPlan
  • Pacific HibahPlan
  • Pacific AmanahPlan (Islamic Trust)
  • Declaration of Harta Sepencarian

Pacific WasiatPlan & AmanahPlan

Each Wasiat written by Pacific Trustees Berhad (PTB) is carefully drawn up with our professional advice to client whereby PTB is appointed as sole Executor and Trustee for Testator/ Testatrix Wasiat. Our services include free life-time original Wasiat custody under our Pacific WasiatPlan.

Pacific WasiatPlan

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A Muslim can bequeath up to 1/3 of his estate to non-Faraid heirs or for charitable purposes the remaining 2/3 of his estate will be distributed to the Faraid heirs, in accordance to Faraid Law.


The Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said: “It is not permissible for any Muslim who has something to Will to stay for two nights without having his Last Will and testament written and kept ready with him.”— Rasulullah S.A.W


Pacific HibahPlan

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Pacific Hibah Plan is a hybrid product of PTB combining Hibah and Trust. It is a contract of gift of asset made by the donor during his lifetime to beneficiary(s) without any consideration and the asset is entrusted to the appointed trustee (PTB).


It will be transferred to the beneficiary(s) after the demise of the donor under a Hibah Deed.


  • Effective immediately upon completion of Hibah.
  • Not subject to Faraid.
  • Can appoint Trust Corporation with perpetual existence.


Pacific AmanahPlan


AmanahPlan is an Islamic Trust product by PTB, in which property is transferred from one person (settlor) to another person or corporate body (trustee) to hold such property solely to benefit a particular group (beneficiaries).


Assets held under AmanahPlan do not fall under the estate.

Types of AmanahPlan:

  • Islamic Care Trust
  • Islamic Investment Trust
  • Islamic Asset Protection Trust
  • Islamic Pacific Insurance Trust (iPINT)
  • Islamic Private Charitable Trust
  • Islamic Business Succession Trust

Islamic Wealth Successor Plan:

  • Islamic Dynasty Trust
  • Islamic Family Office Trust


Declaration of Harta Sepencarian

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Harta sepencarian is a property jointly acquired by husband and wife during the continuation of a valid marriage. The surviving spouse is entitled to claim his/her portion thereof from the deceased spouse’s estate before distribution in accordance with Faraid.



  • Both husband and wife can decide and agree upon the quantum of distribution.
  • The rights of both husband and wife are fully protected.
  • Not subject to Faraid.
  • Cost saving as without the Declaration both parties have to go through court to prove their contribution.
  • No dispute as the declaration stipulates the agreement between parties.


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