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Pacific TrustPlan

A Pacific TrustPlan is set up for the maintenance, education and benefit of children and grandchildren. The main aim is to provide for the daily needs of Beneficiary/ Beneficiaries and payment of their educational expenses.


Trust Benefits

  • ​Assets and monies are properly invested

  • The Trustee manages, and administers the Trust Assets independently

  • Trust Fund monies are utilized for the intended Beneficiary/ Beneficiaries

  • The terms of distribution are decided by the Settlor (owner)

Who should set up this Trust​

  • Parents or key providers of young children

  • Anyone who has invested in insurance policy/ policies and has dependents


A life assurance policy can be assigned to Pacific Trustees absolutely to create an Insurance Trust instantly in favour of the spouse and/or children named as Beneficiary/ Beneficiaries in the policy. When the insured dies, the insurance proceeds do not form part of his/ her estate and consequently no Grant of Probate or Letter Administration is required in making claim. Furthermore, the insurance proceeds are protected from creditors subject to Section 52 of the Insolvency Act.

White Structure

A Care Trust is the most common living trust created by a Settlor to provide regular maintenance (e.g. living, educational and medical expenses) to his/ her dependents or those who require special need or care.


  • Suitable for widows/ minors/ elderly parents/ spendthrift children/ handicapped children or dependents, etc.

  • Trust administration will take effect immediately upon creation of the Trust

  • Funded by liquid assets or income-generated assets

  • Can be fixed or discretionary (power given to Trustee to decide on the distribution)

  • Trustee holds and manages the trust asset and provides maintenance to the Beneficiary/ Beneficiaries monthly/ quarterly/ yearly

  • Settlor can impose certain conditions to be fulfilled by Beneficiary/ Beneficiaries to receive the benefit from the Trust (e.g. upon completion of tertiary education)

Helping Hands

Charitable Trust/ Foundation

Charitable Trust is created by a Settlor to benefit the community with the purpose of relief of poverty, education, religion, etc.

Charitable Foundation is a charitable body which requires incorporation with the Companies Commission of Malaysia. It can receive funds from the public and make donations to the community.

  • Charitable Foundation can apply for tax exemption for itself and tax deduction for donors.

  • The Foundation can exist in perpetuity.

Trust Administration

We also provide professional advisory consultation in structuring and creation of Trust whereby Pacific Trustees Berhad acts as the Trustee to safeguard the best interest of Beneficiaries.

Trust administration involves overseeing the assets held within a Trust. It is a necessary process that occurs after the Settlor’s death. The Trust Administrator oversees the distribution of assets within the Trust according to the Settlor’s wishes.

 Offshore Trust Creation and Administration

  • Singapore Offshore Trust

  • Labuan International Business and Financial Centre

  • Other offshore jurisdictions

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