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Fund Accounting

Pacific Trustees provides a highly dependable outsource option for Fund Managers to prepare financial statements for their funds, confident that they conform with the latest accounting guidance.

Our dedicated financial reporting team comprises certified accountants with significant public accounting experience in the asset management industry, and financial reporting specialists with relevant industry experience.

We organise funds’ annual, quarterly, and/or monthly unaudited financial statements in conformity with the relevant accounting standards. Additionally, we organise financial information required for regulatory filings.

Key services


> Financial Statement Reporting

  • Unaudited financial statements in conformity with the relevant accounting standards

> Regulatory Reporting Support

  • Financial information required for regulatory filings

  • Calculating the value of its investment portfolio on a daily basis, known as the net asset value (NAV).

  • Anticipating and recording all income, such as dividends and interest.

  • Recording accruing interest on bonds and other similar fixed income securities held in the investment portfolio.

  • Properly amortising the discount or premium on bond purchases. See the detailed explanation below.

  • Recording all securities transactions, such as buys and sells of portfolio investments.

  • Recording all realised capital gains, both short-term, and long-term, that result from securities transactions in the fund.

  • Recording all inflows and outflows of funds due to purchases and redemptions of shares by investors.

  • Maintaining records of the shares owned, and transactions made, by each shareholder in the fund.

  • Tracking distributions of income and capital gains made to shareholders in the fund.

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