Custodian Services

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Custodian, Stakeholder and Escrow Agent

We provide custodian services for wills, documents, source codes and various important materials, which are kept in our safe custody for security, confidentiality, prevention and protection from any undue damage or destruction, as well as prevention of falsification and tampering.

We also offer stakeholder services whereby we act as an independent and neutral party to such arrangement(s) and/or agreement(s). As Trustee, we will hold assets such as cash, shares, documents or other assets on trust, while fulfilling the terms and conditions of such arrangement(s) and/or agreement(s).

Presently, we act for a wide range of custodian and escrow situations involving both public and private companies, including smaller escrows, as there is no minimum size for the quantum of funds to be held in an escrow account

Our clients: