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To keep up with the dynamic nature of the alternative investment industry, we continue to look for key differentiators to set us apart and to meet our clients’ diverse needs and expectations. Our robust system allows monitoring of positions across all operational, regulatory, compliance and legal groups.

Our information technology capability is a key competitive differentiator and a critical ingredient in delivering high quality solutions for our clients. To ensure we maintain our long-standing competitive positioning, we continually reinvest in our core technology and stay ahead of industry trends.

We continuously focus on ensuring that clients interact in the most secure possible manner and that their information assets are safe. Our objective is to ensure a highly secure infrastructure that provides 24/7 integrity controls. We focus on business continuity and disaster recovery to ensure redundancy and recovery for all major systems and technologies across all operating locations as well as security measures.

The software for fund services adopted by Pacific Trustees, in collaboration with Maybank Group is known as Multifonds Global Accounting.

The software features:- 

  • Supports numerous asset classes, multi-currency investment and instrument types, including Equity, Fixed Income Securities, Money Market placement, FX Spot/Forwards, Future, Options and derivatives.

  • Supports different valuation or accounting methods as required.

  • Parameter driven concept with different calculation logic

  • Standard reports and configurable reports

  • Extensive tool to handle all types of migration process

  • Cash and securities transaction accounting or position reconciliation

  • Income, expense and capital accounting

  • Corporate action entitlement accounting

  • Securities pricing and portfolio valuation

  • Consolidated reporting


Our primary technology security goal is to ensure that all clients interact in the most secure possible environment and that their information is safe. Our security measures include encryption, intrusion protection and access management systems. Business continuity and disaster recovery systems are in place across our operating locations.



Our continued financial commitment to technology investment allows us to provide the alternative investment industry with flexible, secure and robust systems.

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