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Our System

The computerized system (known as MyTrustee Soft) was implemented at the beginning of year 2006. This system is auto backed up to the external server and external devices as identified in our IT operational manual. The data and information within the system is protected by security pin codes/ join passwords to ensure no leakage of confidential information to unauthorized parties by way of different security access levels for different group of users.


This system was developed to adapt to our operational requirements. The main objective of the system is to keep track of all record and transactions of our clients which includes an auto scheduler on all the due dates for operational activities. In addition, we have utilized the system to verify and track the custodian of securities and assets, to monitor the compliance via the auto scheduler system, to record the operational activities and to keep track of all transactions related to funds within the Corporate and Private Trust businesses of the Company. The system generates monthly operation reports to track and monitor all transactions and activities of the Company for each corporate clients.

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