Fund Administration


Clients can confidently rely on our leading hedge, private equity, real estate and fund of fund administration services. We provide scale, service excellence and commitment to innovation. Over the years, we have established a solid track record in designing and implementing bespoke solutions, continual product advances and, most importantly, meeting clients’ diverse needs and expectations.

Our fund administration services include:

> Hedge Funds, Funds of Funds, Managed Accounts and Family Offices

  • Maintenance of books and records

  • Daily recorded profits and losses

  • Weekly NAV estimates

  • Monthly master and feeder NAV calculations

  • Fee calculation

  • Price verification

> Private Equity and Real Estate

  • Maintenance of books and  records, capital accounts

  • Allocation of profits and losses

  • Accounting for investments

  • Performance measurement

  • Computation of fee waterfall

  • Work paper preparation

  • Financial reporting and audit assistance

  • Cash services

Our alternative fund administration and accounting services are used by fund managers who trust us to keep their books and records, and to strike their fund NAVs.

Pacific Trustees is committed to providing services of the highest standards, and our commitment to excellence is reflected by a number of industry awards over the years.