Business Opportunity

Let your business soar with our exciting licensing opportunity! We’re seeking suitable candidates to be PTB Licensee to market our products and services.

Prerequisites to be PTB Licensee

Candidates should have:

  • Keen interest in finance and business affairs

  • High personal integrity and trustworthiness in giving and receiving accurate information

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to succeed through one’s own efforts

  • Ability to manage finances

  • Physical and emotional resilience, and willingness to devote best efforts to run the business

  • High comfort and skill level meeting and selling to people

  • Realistic understanding of licensor-licensee relationship and obligations of both parties

  • Willingness to participate in training and personal development

Potential Target Groups

  • Financial planners & advisers

  • Wealth management consultants

  • Insurance professionals

  • Business advisers & consultants

  • Unit trust professionals

  • Remisiers

  • Lawyers

  • Business-minded individuals

Potential candidates must have a legal business set-up – minimum sole proprietorship.

Business Opportunity Application Form

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Business Opportunity FAQ

Frequently-Asked Questions

How much is the initial investment cost?

You only pay a nominal licence fee of RM1,000 for a five-year tenure which is essentially to secure your commitment to the business, and not to recoup the actual cost of developing this exciting licensing programme. Your actual initial investment varies according to the type of business setup you operate. For instance, if you run a financial planning business, the initial investment and operating expenses are virtually negligible, as your current and prospective clients also serve as your potential clients for PTB’s private trust business.  You just need to invest extra effort and time in terms of providing a wider and more comprehensive range of products and services to your clients.

Do I need any estate planning or related experience to be a PTB Licensee?

No, you don’t need to have any experience in estate planning to be a PTB Licensee. However people with estate planning, wealth management, financial planning or insurance background will be considered a plus. You will receive comprehensive training on important aspects of the business.

How much money can I expect to earn?

PTB does not provide estimates of profits or revenue because the actual results of each Licensee are based on factors that are not within PTB’s control. As the saying goes, the sky is the limit, and so it really depends on how much effort and time you invest in the business.

Will there be any ongoing fees after I have paid the initial licence fee?

No,the PTB business is essentially based on a pre-agreed professional fee-sharing formula. However, upon expiry of the initial licensing agreement and if PTB offers you a new licensing agreement in the form then being offered to prospective licensees, you will be required to pay the new licence fee applicable then.

Will I be given an exclusive and protected territory?

No,you will not be given an exclusive and protected territory so that you can enjoy easy expansion of your business. Moreover, the exclusivity arrangement is not suitable for the nature of our business.

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